Solve all your global health training challenges with precise, targeted solutions.

Immunization Academy offers engaging and effective training solutions with a team of learning experts ready to support the needs of healthcare professionals and systems. We deliver impact and enable continuous performance improvement.

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  • 150+ short videos that teach critical immunization skills.

  • Online courses with certification for immunization managers and health workers

  • Android app that works online or offline and that can be customized with courses on any immunization topic

Our Mission

Immunization Academy was built to improve the health of caregivers and children by giving health workers access to high-quality educational resources whenever and wherever they need them.

Learn how health professional knowledge increases by 25% with IA Watch.

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  • 900,000+

    health professionals use the Immunization Academy

  • 190+

    countries are represented across our users

  • 5,000+

    members of the IA WhatsApp group

  • 2.9 million+

    views of Immunization Academy videos

How the IA Learn app works

  • 1 Customize your curriculum.

    Choose from numerous courses, create your own, or base your course on test results to train on essential immunization skills and improve performance. The IA Learn app is available in English, French, Hausa and Pidgin – and can be translated into any language.

  • 2 Build capacity.

    Using the IA Learn app, learners watch short, skills-based video lessons at their own pace and from the comfort of their workplaces. With built-in knowledge checks and the ability to revisit key content for refreshers, the app ensures retention of knowledge. Learners earn a certificate when they have completed their training.

  • 3 Track impact.

    The IA Learn dashboard lets managers monitor individual progress and gaps, aggregate data, and create reports. Data can be used to prioritize facilities and learners who need additional support.

Learn more about how Immunization Academy can help you achieve your training goals.

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Learn more about how Immunization Academy can help you achieve your training goals.

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How it is being used

  • For independent learning

    Health workers and health managers alike use Immunization Academy to learn new knowledge and skills in their spare time, from the comfort of their own workspaces.

  • To aid supportive supervision

    Managers are using data dashboards to monitor individual progress and prioritize facilities for additional support.

  • To complement training workshops

    Health managers are bringing Immunization Academy videos and learning data into workshops and quarterly review meetings to help communicate important concepts in a consistent and technically accurate way.

Learn more about how Immunization Academy worked with DRC and Nigeria to assess and address knowledge gaps.

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Whom we help

  • Healthcare Professionals

    Immunization Academy provides assessment, training, and reinforcement in key areas for healthcare professionals. The Immunization Academy tools directly train healthcare workers to improve primary care.

  • Public Health Officials

    Public health officials and others who manage healthcare workers can use Immunization Academy to develop their own coaching and mentoring skills, while also assigning trainings from the tools to health workers.

  • National Health Ministries

    Immunization Academy engages with national health ministries to discover gaps and create programs to address those gaps. The videos and trainings within Immunization Academy can be assigned to managers and health workers in nationwide programs to improve healthcare.

  • Partner Organizations

    Immunization Academy partners with organizations to create new content, deliver impactful training solutions to support project goals, and provide strategic advising.

Learn more about how Immunization Academy can help you achieve your training goals.

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What people are saying

  • “The content is an inspiring source of training and support for myself and my staff at all levels.”

    User in Djibouti

  • “The app is very useful. I use it when I am supervising to explain issues to the frontline workers and even share with those that have smartphones. It enhances their understanding.”

    Survey Feedback

  • “This is indeed a very good avenue for filling the knowledge capacity gap of many service providers. We will continue to do that considering its importance in improving the well being of humanity.”

    User in Nigeria

Who is behind the Immunization Academy?

The Immunization Academy is created and managed by BCL with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Based in Durham, North Carolina, USA, BCL has been providing innovative learning programs to the global health community since 2014. We are experts in learning psychology and instructional design and are dedicated to creating solutions that are user-centered.

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