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The Immunization Academy team is made up of learning experts, developers, creatives, and global health specialists ready to support the needs of healthcare professionals, systems, and partner organizations.

We deliver impact and enable continuous performance improvement. Learn how we can help your organization achieve your capacity building goals.



Immunization Academy is an established platform that immunization managers and health workers are already accessing for trusted, reliable, and vetted training content. All of our tools and products can be customized to meet your needs.

  • Delivery platforms

    Immunization Academy has delivery platforms (in the form of apps and websites) that can be customized to deliver training content via the technology that is appropriate for your unique context. And these platforms can be built out to include innovative learning features such as assessments, application of knowledge, and data dashboards for system managers.

  • Learning content

    Our vast off-the-shelf learning content can be customized to fit your unique context. From translating video lessons and courses into local languages to incorporating footage to reflect the realities of your environment, Immunization Academy can partner with you to customize learning content that meets the needs of your target learner population.

  • Assessments

    Our off-the-shelf assessments can be customized to help you quickly identify the skill and knowledge gaps of highest priority to your program.

  • Data dashboards

    Immunization Academy creates practical and actionable dashboards to empower system managers with a data-driven management tool to monitor your learning programs and take action in your system.



Immunization Academy has developed and delivered a broad range of learning tools — long form elearning modules, educational videos, live workshops, and innovative delivery tools — to a global audience since our launch in 2017. Our approach combines:

the ability to create highly engaging learning materials that are based on sound adult psychology

the ability and expertise to deliver training materials to hard-to-reach populations using technology, collaboration, and problem-solving acumen

We are dedicated to creating solutions that are user-centered. Whatever the knowledge or skill gap you are hoping to address, Immunization Academy will partner with you to create new learning content and tools that deliver impactful training solutions to support your project or program goals.



Immunization Academy offers extensive learning psychology and instructional design expertise. Through our consultative services, we can help you discover your training and learning needs, prioritize those needs, and formulate a capacity building strategy that supports your overall program goals. We bring an instructional design background to the global health space and look forward to supporting your learning strategy and program goals.

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