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Train your immunization team in 15 minutes per day — with an app

The IA Learn app enables countries to build the capacity of EPI staff through short instructional videos and tests, taking just 15 minutes per session. Unlike traditional training, the IA Learn app increases skill and knowledge retention over time and reduces disruption to work. It puts knowledge right into people's hands. With a library of hundreds of training videos to choose from, IA Learn can be customized to target a country's performance gaps -- and measurably improve performance.

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    Content is based on WHO guidance

      Case Study:
      IA Learn in DRC

      The DRC project was done in partnership with Acacus.


      • Until now, there was only one person in a health center who was trained how to conduct a vaccination session… But now we can get together, choose a topic to focus on for the day, and a video lesson and everyone can learn… We don’t need to wait a month for a supervisor to come from Kinshasa and teach us something. We can teach and learn ourselves.

        — Health worker in DRC

      • It had been observed that a number of providers in the field were in enormous need of training, but the cost of face-to-face training was very high. So, with this project, we developed 52 training videos for providers... Each time they get together to watch, they strengthen their capacities. The cost is really reduced, which has allowed us to improve the practices of all providers who administer the vaccines.

        — EPI National Director

      • For the first time I have the opportunity to choose what I want to learn and when.

        — Health worker in Nigeria

      • IA Learn is really an academy in one’s pocket and will benefit not only the health workers but even us, the managers.

        — EPI manager in Nigeria

        How the IA Learn app can work for you

        1. Train on Anything

          • Hundreds of videos based on WHO guidelines
          • Customizable curriculum based on specific languages, immunization goals or skills gaps
          • Available in English, French, Swahili, and Hausa
          • Built in knowledge checks ensuring retention of content before moving on to future videos

        2. Train Anywhere

          • Short, on demand videos
          • Self-paced
          • Available online and offline
          • Chunked content for easy reference
          • Ability to revisit key content for refreshers
          • Motivation tools to encourage continuous learning

        3. Track Impact

          • Reporting available to monitor team’s progress
          • Reports on the progress and scores of individuals and teams
          • Automated reporting sent directly to managers
          • Pre- and post-assessments to measure learning gain

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          Immunization Academy

          Immunization Academy has been assisting global health organizations in building workforce capacity through the creation and delivery of innovative learning solutions since 2014. Our clients include The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, UNICEF, WHO, and Gavi, and our collaborators have included Acasus, Boost, CDC, CHAI, and JSI. In the past seven years, we have conducted twenty major global health projects, and produced hundreds of digital and face-to-face learning resources for our global health clients – largely focused on immunization.

          How to reach us

          Contact us to see how you can use the IA Learn App in your country. We’ll start with a conversation around your immunization goals and then we can customize the app for your needs.